Muhammad Hafid.S.Kom

I really liked the world of technology, especially in the world of software development (Programming). I have a vision and mission that is making an application, where the application that I created can helpful/useful for everyone. My technology-oriented and refer to the online system

Formal Education

Information System in Gunadarma University (S1 Since : 2007 - 2011)

Thesis : The application of Web-based E-learning Online About Learning a Programming Language

Senior High School - PGRI 1 Bekasi (2004 - 2007)
Junior High School - SMPN 11 Bekasi (2001 - 2004)
SDN Nusantara Bekasi (1995 - 2001)

Non Formal Educations

Visual Basic With Database
Creating Web Application Using Java Applet
Web Design Using Macromedia Flash
Prospek Database dan Pemrograman Di Dunia Karir
The General Lecture of Human and Computer Interaction
Smart A Way To Get a Job abd Development Career
In House Training PT. Asuransi Asei Indonesia (Persero)
BPMM (Business Process Management)
FORTI BUMN - Get Deeper Insight in Your Business and Enabling Process Excellence

General Qualification :

Ability to work co-operatively as part of a team
Able to work independently
Computer Literate
Willing to learn
Have a basic computer programmer background and linux operating system
Fast Learner
Self Motivated
Supporting User for troubleshooting in using Computer Aplications
Prepare the policies and procedures for IT operation


Operating System :
Linux Server (Ubuntu, CentOS),
Windows (Client and Servers)

Linux Server Application :
Web Server (Apache, Python)
Database Server (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)

Daily Operating System and Hardware : Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Latest Version in ASUS Intel Core i7 and Nvidia Geforce.

Office Application : Microsoft Office : Excel, Words, Power Point, Access, Outlook
Open Source Office : LibreOffice Calc, Writer, Impress, KingSoft

Programming Language :
PHP Programming, Python Web Programming, Framework PHP (YII Framework), Ajax and Javascript Client Programming, Json, Bahasa C, Javascript Programming (AngularJs, NodeJS, MeteorJS), Fornt End Developer (HTML 5, CSS, PureCSS, Google Framework UI, Boostrap)
Models : Approval Models, Management Document, Uploader System, Configurable System, Content Management System, Reporting

Databases Integrated :
Relational Database (RDBMS), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, Db2 IBM AS400
No SQL (MongoDB Unstructure Database)

Personal Experience

PT. Jaya Agung Consultant

Programmer - Membuat aplikasi berbasis web online dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP, Javascript client, Ajax dan framework Codeigniter, dan database MySQL.

Web Based Aplikasi Medical Information PT. CMSP
Web Based Aplikasi Kebun Bibit Rakyat (Proposal Online dan Accounting)
Web Based Ecommerce
Web Based Multimedia
CMS Portal Company Profile PT. Jaya Agung Consultant
CMS Portal Company Profile PT. Tama Jaya Proteksindo
Web Based Aplikasi and Portal Information PT. JFX ( Bursa Berjangka Jakarta) (
Web Based Portal News and Securty Web System Komhukum

PT. Indosat. Tbk

Programmer - Membuat dan memantenance aplikasi web verification data yang menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan MySQL. Database Administrator - Cust database management dengan menggunakan tools Microsoft Access, AccOracle, plSQL untuk kebutuhan data harian divisi post paid verification. Web Developer Viva Application (Aplikasi Bisnis Proses Verifikasi dan validasi management kartu Matrix) Pembuatan penyediaan aplikasi tracking kartu Star Application, (Aplikasi management tracking sales kartu untuk para sales)

PT. Asuransi Asei Indonesia

Programmer - Bekerja di bagian perangkat lunak pembuat aplikasi berbasis web dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman yang beraneka ragam mulai dari PHP, PHP Framework, Javascript dan Python, yang terkoneksi dengan baik database Rdbms MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Mongodb dan IBM DB2 AS400. Hampir kesemua project aplikasi web terkoneksi dengan database AS400 DB2 IBM baik dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP ataupun python.

Web Aplikasi Management Data Blacklist Bagian Legal (PHP & MySQL)
Web Aplikasi Management Document – Eletronik Nota Dinas (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Uploader System (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Elektronik Gaji Karyawan (E-Slip) (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Rewards and Punishment (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Akumulasi Absensi (PHP, MySQL & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Earlywarning System (PHP & MySQL)
Aplikasi Paplus (Pegawai Kredit Plus) (Bahasa Python & PostgreSQL)
Portal Aplikasi
Forum Aplikasi

Database dan Server Administrator, Sistem operasi yang digunakan dalam bekerja sehari – hari adalah Linux Ubuntu (Open Source). Aplikasi model yang diciptakan adalah uploader system, monitoring system, approval model or management document, reporting tools, dan configurable system.

Freelance Programmer
Programmer - Pembuat aplikasi web online mulai dari E-Commerce, E-Portal / News Media Online, Social Media, Front end and backend developer.
PT. Alpha Petro Services Web Based Berbasis CMS
Web Based Keindahan Islam dan Forum Diskusi Islami
Web Based Kedutaan Besar Suriname Paramaribo
Web Based Yayasan Al-Ikhwan Peduli
Web Inventory Based System Greenbox Management
Web System Kalibrasi Barang
Web Based Pustaka ArkomRTVI
Web Oil Company PT. Jagad Fajar Lestari
Etc : Web Based Elearning and Ecommerce System
E-Pormap Production (Management Arsip Dokumen)
Media Online :,,


Bekasi Timur, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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