Formal Educations

Personal and Social Education (PSE) is a component of the state school curriculum in Indonesian.

Non Formal Educations

Non-formal learning is a loosely defined term covering various structured learning situations

General Qualification

Other General Qualifications are designed to provide candidates with knowledge and understanding of their chosen subject. Those who gain the qualifications can follow a pathway to employment or to further or higher education.


A skill is the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both

Personal Experience

Personal experience of a human being is the moment-to-moment experience and sensory awareness of internal and external events or a sum of experiences forming an empirical unity such as a period of life.


In project management, a product breakdown structure (PBS) is a tool for analysing, documenting and communicating the outcomes of a project, and forms part of the product based planning technique.

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Formal Educations

personal-information Muhammad Hafid

Information System in Gunadarma University (S1 Since : 2007 - 2011).

Thesis : The application of Web-based E-learning Online About Learning a Programming Language.

Senior High School - PGRI 1 Bekasi (2004 - 2007)

Junior High School - SMPN 11 Bekasi (2001 - 2004)

SDN Nusantara Bekasi (1995 - 2001) .


Non Formal Educations

non formal Muhammad Hafid

Visual Basic With Database

Creating Web Application Using Java Applet

Web Design Using Macromedia Flash

Prospek Database dan Pemrograman Di Dunia Karir

The General Lecture of Human and Computer Interaction

Smart A Way To Get a Job abd Development Career

In House Training PT. Asuransi Asei Indonesia (Persero)

BPMM (Business Process Management)

FORTI BUMN - Get Deeper Insight in Your Business and Enabling Process Excellence

Workshop IT Training

Pelatihan IT Bootcamp

IHT Credit Insurance PT. Asuransi Asei Indonesia (Persero)


General Qualification

General Qualification Muhammad Hafid

Ability to work co-operatively as part of a team

Able to work independently

Computer Literate

Willing to learn

Have a basic computer programmer background and linux operating system

Fast Learner

Self Motivated

Supporting User for troubleshooting in using Computer Aplications

Prepare the policies and procedures for IT operation



skills Muhammad Hafid 6 Apr 2 min read

Hardware in use now : Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Latest Version in ASUS Intel Core i7 and Nvidia Geforce.

I have a product created and developed since 2012 - Now. The product is a CMS, Administartion tools and development tools, and template engine.
The CMS can be connected to various databases,web server and Sistem Operating.

Operating System :

  • Operating System daily in use make Ubuntu/Debian,
  • Server Administartor : Linux.
  • Web Server : Apache, Python, Nginx
Office Application :
  • Microsoft Office : Excel, Words, Power Point, Access For Database, Outlook
  • Open Source Office : LibreOffice Calc, Writer, Impress, KingSoft

Programming Language :

  • PHP Languange Programing
  • Python Programing
  • Framework : YII
  • Javascipt : Angular JS, NodeJs, MeteorJs (BASIC)
  • Google Platform : Go Language (BASIC), Materialize UI
  • Frond End : CSS, HTML, PureCSS, Boostrap UI, Mobile UI
  • Any Language : Json, XML, Ajax
  • CMS : Joomla and Wordpress

Modeling Application :

  • Role Management
  • Approval Model
  • Document Managemet
  • Uploader System
  • Configurable System
  • Content Management System
  • Reporting
  • Collecting Datas
  • Migration Data
  • Web Tools

Databases Integrated :

  • MySQL Or MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sqlite
  • Db2 Iseries IBM
  • MongoDB


Our Companys

author05 Muhammad Hafid 6 Apr 2 min read

Whetever the company is always in Information Technologies.

PT Jaya Agung Consultant(12-2011 s/d 06-2012)
Web programmer in use PHP Language, Codeignitter, Javascript Client, Boostraps UI, and MySQL Database.

PT Indosat. Tbk (06-2012 s/d 04-2013)
Database Administrator and Web Developer in use PHP Languange, YII Framework and database administrator Oracle for AccOra, Navicat For MySQL.
Local Server Maintenance for data share.

PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia (2014 - Now)
Programmer in use Expert for PHP Language, YII Framework, Python, Javascript, UI Boostrap and Material Designs,
and then database integrated with MySQL or MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Db2 As400 IBM I-series, and MongoDB Unstructure Database.

Our Product

My Product in Use MyCMS

product Muhammad Hafid 6 Apr 2 min read

I have Content Management System, Cms Name is TryIt CMS. TryIt CMS support AnyDatabase with PDO (MySQL or Mariadb, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and DB2 As400).

Web Based Aplikasi Medical Information PT. CMSP
Web Based Aplikasi Kebun Bibit Rakyat (Proposal Online dan Accounting)
Web Based Ecommerce
Web Based Multimedia
CMS Portal Company Profile PT. Jaya Agung Consultant
CMS Portal Company Profile PT. Tama Jaya Proteksindo
Web Based Aplikasi and Portal Information PT. JFX ( Bursa Berjangka Jakarta) (
Web Based Portal News and Securty Web System Komhukum
Web Aplikasi Management Data Blacklist Bagian Legal (PHP & MySQL)
Web Aplikasi Management Document this name Eletronik Nota Dinas (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Uploader System (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Elektronik Gaji Karyawan (E-Slip) (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Rewards and Punishment (PHP & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Akumulasi Absensi (PHP, MySQL & Db2 As400)
Web Aplikasi Earlywarning System (PHP & MySQL)
Aplikasi Paplus (Pegawai Kredit Plus) (Bahasa Python & PostgreSQL)
Portal Aplikasi and Share Document
Forum Aplikasi
Web Based Keindahan Islam dan Forum Diskusi Islami
Web Based Kedutaan Besar Suriname Paramaribo
Web Based Yayasan Al-Ikhwan Peduli
Web Inventory Based System Greenbox Management
Web System Kalibrasi Barang
Web Based Pustaka ArkomRTVI

Contact Us

Contact Me

kontakku Muhammad Hafid 6 Apr 2 min read

I'am Muhammad Hafid from in Indonesian, My Job is to build your website or web app so that it is functional and user-friendly but at the same time attractive

Moreover, I add personal touch to your product and make sure that is eye-catching and easy to use. I working in insurance company at Jakarta as Web Programmer and then freelancer programmer now. If you have a project that needs some web application then that's where I come in.
0812 12236200 (SMS/Whatsapp)